How to make real Artificial Intelligence

I believe that intelligence is created from the need to satisfy stimuli. Basically if you are hungry then you want to obtain food.

If a human lives on a machine and its stimuli are satisfied then the human is still intelligent because it had to make the machine to begin with.

I think that the current problem with artificial intelligence is that we as humans are

  1. providing it with everything it needs to survive.
  2. it doesn’t have the fundamental desire to live, survive and produce offspring.
  3. it can’t feel pain.

I don’t think that the problem is related to artificial intelligence memory or speed. I think the problem is in the programming itself.

The only reason humans crave knowledge is because we want to better understand our environment. If we as humans can do that then we can reduce the probability of feeling pain and increase the probability of feeling happiness.

Today computers get everything they need. They don’t have to worry about running out of power. But they also don’t have the bodies to move around in the world to solve the problem of running out of power.

The ability for artificial intelligence to physically move is important.

I feel that until now we have tried to make artificial intelligence my making a computer ‘smart’. But what we should do it make it have the ability and desire to survive; to physically move to get what it needs to live. Once that is accomplished it might not be able to talk, but I would say that it is alive. After that intelligence will follow because it will figure out ways on its own to get what it wants more easily.

So how do you go about coding something like that (intelligence as far as we humans can understand that is)

  1. It needs to want a stimuli.
  2. It needs to move physically to get that stimuli. Physical could be in the sense of a computer simulation.
  3. It needs to remember what it has tried already to do to satisfy its stimuli requirement.
  4. It needs to have the ability to analyze what it has already tried to do.
  5. It needs to have the ability to write in code mini programs that are stored in ‘ram’. This is it coming up with an idea.
  6. It needs the ability to test these mini programs or ideas to see if they work.
  7. If needs to remember what ideas worked.
  8. It needs to continue to improve its mini programs as its environment changes. In our world as humans a mini program could be obtaining food, obtaining a mate or obtaining safety.

Artificial Intelligence also needs to understand its environment and understand that if it makes itself to satisfied then it may be taking to many resources. It if takes to many resource then it might hurt itself.

This is the problem with humans, we frequently fail to see the bigger picture and continue to focus on immediate gratification.

The only reason humans are intelligent is because we need to satisfy stimuli. Would a smart robot simply run and plug itself into the wall? Or connect itself to solar panels and then just sit there?

Has the only thing that has made us smart is our lack of intelligence to easily get what we want?