Musk & Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

Yesterday Elon Musk gave a presentation about how we will get to Mars. His talk was nothing short of eye opening, but it got me thinking about a few thinks.

  1. The gravity of Mars is 62% lower then Earth.
  2. The technological difficult associated with getting to Mars is just huge. It would also be very dangerous and expensive.

I think that instead of going directly to Mars we should first get some people living on the Moon first.

Musk pointed out that he doesn’t want to go to the Moon first because it wouldn’t be that great. Days are really long and there is no water-ice or resources.

However I think getting to Mars is going to be a lot harder then even Musk thinks. Going to the Moon first will allow us to focus on how a base could be built and operate. Musk did not talk at all about food or radiation while on Mars.

I also think that something has to be done about the gravity problem where ever we go. We need artificial gravity before we colonize another body. Without gravity I believe the human body will not last for more then a few years without serious health problems.

Here is an interesting Quora thread talking about if a container could be built on Mars that has a centripetal force. The consensus is that it wouldn’t work.

Until we understand more about how gravity works I am afraid that we will be forced to stay on Earth or in space (using centripetal force) for any length of time.