The slow evolution of acceptance.

It’s clear to me that we are on a path towards total equality for all lifeforms. It is a slow path. But more importantly, a path that will eventually happen.

I think it looks in the United States this is what it looks like so far:

  • White Land Owning man
  • Some equality for woman
  • African American equality
  • Freedom of speech to some extent
  • More equality for woman
  • Some equality for intelligent mammals
  • Some equality for sexual orientation and genders

In the future I think it will continue, eventually spreading to all religions and countries. I am unsure about the order and time that it will happen:

  • Full equality for gender
  • Full equality for sexual orientation
  • Woman will be in complete control of their reproductive ability
  • Full equality for religion
  • Full equality for all races
  • Full freedom of speech
  • Full equality for all animals and trees. This will mean that the world will adopt a strict vegan diet.

I don’t see equality happening for most plants, bacteria and viruses. Perhaps this is a limitation of our human emotional capabilities.

I strongly believe that this is the future and that is why I have adopted a strict vegan diet and I try and be as open minded and liberal as possible.