What if every person in the world was you?

One of the tests that I like to use to determine if someone is a good person, and being honest with them self, is to imagine a world in which there are 7 billion of that person on earth and no one else.

The person must be logical to not start conflicts. They cannot steal or cheat, since they would be hurting them self, literally. They must be humble enough to do all the jobs required to make the world run.

It is an interesting test since every action could have an immediate and profound impact on yourself.

It also brings up questions like – would you really be fine living your same lifestyle if you had to do all the things required to support it?

It is easy to think about someone else making electronics that you throw away every few years, but what if it was you? What if you had to spend every day sweating over a sewing machine with low pay and bad air quality? Or maybe spend every day grinding up millions of male baby chickens so you could eat eggs for breakfast? Would you really be fine with the risk of putting in a pipeline or fracking? Remember, there is only a small chance of it breaking; but you would have to deal with drinking bad water and maybe an earthquake destroying your house.

Apply this test to yourself. I can guarantee that the world will be a better place if you do.