Why Trump means Universal Basic Income

I think a lot of people voted for Trump because they wanted to see better pay, lower taxes and more jobs.

The reality is that many jobs are being taken by machines, and they are never coming back. This is not an immigration problem. America will never be what it once was with coal workers and people assembling cars by hand.

Instead of trying to hold onto the past, America needs to look towards the future. Universal Basic Income (UBI).

I think that Trump being elected was actually a clear signal that it is time for UBI to start.

To many people UBI is scary. But it is nothing to be scared about, it is actually something to run towards.

It will put a suppress consumerism and turn our society into a knowledge renaissance. We all will be smarter and happier. People will start caring more about the environment and more parks will be created. Hard work will still exist, but people will want to do it instead of having to do it.

A capitalists society was created because dissatisfied people are more profitable. But when everyone is already happy then I don’t see people caring much about money. If everyone is on top, who cares.

The beauty of UBI is that no one can stop it from happening. Capitalism will continue to strive to be more efficient and that will mean machine automation which will result is less jobs for humans. The future is beautiful for all of us, even if it doesn’t appear like it now.